Photograph of the Richmond College Football Team 1893

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Framed photograph of the Richmond College football team, 1893. Team was known as the Colts. Photographed by FOSTER, Richmond, VA.
In alphabetical order: Noel Allen (C), P.S. Bosher (RHB), C.R. Burnett (LHB), W.D. Duke (LT), W.B. Daughtrey (C), J.H. Franklin (G), G.T. Harris (HB), Roger W. Harrison (QB), M.J. Hoover (LG), J.E. Loyd (C), R.E. Lockett (LE), W.F. Long (T), G.W. Lemon (T), A. Lunsford (LE), J.W.T. McNeil (LT), Merkle, G.G. (LG), W.E. Pearson (FB), M.W. Quillin (RG), Dana H. Rucker (LHB), Jacob Sallade (RT), J.A. Turner (RE), D.B. Wills (RE), Geddes Winston (QB)



"Photograph of the Richmond College Football Team 1893," in UR Football Comes Home : Presented by Univ. of Richmond Archives and Boatwright Memorial Library, Item #35, (accessed February 25, 2018).

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